a bitter fight against nothing

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The year is 2005, and the rock empire remains in ruins. After being rejected by the mainstream, the few remaining true rockers cling together in small communities, hoping to outlive and endure this era of prepackaged commercial Barbies and studio gangsters. Limited to a dwindling number of independently programmed radio stations and the few venues that will still support true Rock and Roll, the last generation seems poised on the edge of extinction.

Yet, out of this world of despair, four young heroes are emerging. They are armed only with youthful energy, an amazing stage show, and their belief that rock should be loud, fast, and feel like a punch in the face. It is for this belief that guitarist Tiler Kuykendall, drummer Nick Skillman, bassist Dylan Ginn, and frontman Jared Green are assembling an army. An army of teenage, adolescent rage that simply will not stand for the status quo anymore.

Dressed in black shirts emblazoned with a hot pink heart and two ebony handguns, their numbers have already reached a thousand strong. With the four ring leaders prepared to rock, and their fans ready to roll, they have now begun to descend into mainstream America. Only having hit Athens, Georgia within the last few months, the band is already leaving a trail of destruction from venue to venue. With their punk rock attitude, metal-enfused guitars, and hardcore sound, their music is a call to arms for the disenfranchised and lost.

The war is not yet over, the outcome is not yet clear. But the heroes have risen and the time to fight is now. The only question left to ask is, will you join them?